oscpkt::Message::ArgReader Class Reference

#include <oscpkt.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ArgReader (const Message &m, ErrorCode e=OK_NO_ERROR)
 ArgReader (const ArgReader &other)
bool isBool ()
bool isInt32 ()
bool isInt64 ()
bool isFloat ()
bool isDouble ()
bool isStr ()
bool isBlob ()
size_t nbArgRemaining () const
bool isOk () const
 operator bool () const
bool isOkNoMoreArgs () const
ErrorCode getErr () const
ArgReaderpopInt32 (int32_t &i)
ArgReaderpopInt64 (int64_t &i)
ArgReaderpopFloat (float &f)
ArgReaderpopDouble (double &d)
ArgReaderpopStr (std::string &s)
ArgReaderpopBlob (std::vector< char > &b)
ArgReaderpopBool (bool &b)
ArgReaderpop ()

Detailed Description

ArgReader is used for popping arguments from a Message, holds a pointer to the original Message, and maintains a local error code



Member Function Documentation

bool oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::isOkNoMoreArgs (  )  const [inline]

call this at the end of the popXXX() chain to make sure everything is ok and all arguments have been popped

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::pop (  )  [inline]

skip whatever comes next

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popBlob ( std::vector< char > &  b  )  [inline]

retrieve a binary blob

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popBool ( bool &  b  )  [inline]

retrieve a boolean argument

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popDouble ( double &  d  )  [inline]

retrieve a double precision floating point argument

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popFloat ( float &  f  )  [inline]

retrieve a single precision floating point argument

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popInt32 ( int32_t &  i  )  [inline]

retrieve an int32 argument

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popInt64 ( int64_t &  i  )  [inline]

retrieve an int64 argument

ArgReader& oscpkt::Message::ArgReader::popStr ( std::string &  s  )  [inline]

retrieve a string argument (no check performed on its content, so it may contain any byte value except 0)

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